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Upcoming Contests, etc.

Hi, I'm new to this community. I hope it's ok to post this sort of info. I get an email newsletter about once a month or so that includes various art contests, workshops, etc. Here are a few that looked interesting for this group's readership, especiall(x-posted to my journal with a few more):

Nov 12, 2003 ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL OPEN Juried. All female artists are invited to submit artwork in all media. Entry fee. For a prospectus send an SASE to: Woman Made Gallery, 2418 W Bloomingdale Av, Chicago IL 60647 OR here's their site.

Nov 15, 2003 PRESIDENT LULU PHOTO CONTEST $500 Grand Prize plus other monthly awards. What will the first female US president look like? Your task, should you chose to accept it, is to give America a preview. Details: President Lulu
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