Not your average granola (crunchymama) wrote in tell_herstory,
Not your average granola

Elisabeth's Vagina Party

Catchy title huh!

My friend vintage_babe made some vagina shaped lavender lollipops. I scored one off of anwyllyd today at church. Elisabeth was so enthusiastic about them that she wanted me to buy her one. I insisted that it wasn't possible, they are homemade. So then she wanted me to make them for her birthday party. I told her

A) We aren't having a birthday party for you this year, you had one last year (we're trying to institute an every other year policy for all the children,)


B) When you get your period we will have a big Girls Only party, and we can make them for that.

So now she can't wait! She is only 6, and from my side of the family tree, it will probably be at least 2010, and possibly not till 2013. I don't know the average age of menstruation for her Daddy's side of the family though.

Here's hoping she's still up for the party when it rolls around!
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