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mothers can be feminists too

The previous post linked to a post by Cherie Priest.

quote from her post:

There are people in this world who very firmly believe that this is the natural order of things: men have orgasms, and women have babies. This is a sacred balance, whereby a man is made happy for two minutes and a woman spends the next nine months serving as host to a life-threatening parasite, then the next eighteen years held legally, morally, and fiscally responsible for the health and well-being of that parasite ... while the man is free to wander off or stick around at his leisure."

That really bothers me. Pregnancy and birth are not life threatening illnesses. Babies are not parasites. To be a mother is not to be a victim. To be a mother is not to be used. To be a mother- even if you choose not to keep your child- is not to play host to a bloodsucking tick for 9 months. Motherhood is the totally natural consequence of sexual activity.

We all started life as babies. We are all here because our mothers chose to give us life and our fathers chose to give the seed. I am so tired of women who claim to be feminists putting down pregnancy labor birth breastfeeding staying home to raise your kids. That makes it really hard to call myself a feminist.

And honestly. A woman in this country can choose to have an abortion. Does the man get any say over whether she gets one? No. He also gets no say over whether she keeps the child or not. If she chooses life, she also chooses whether she remains responsible- she can give that baby up for adoption. Even if he doesn't want that baby, if she chooses to keep the baby, he is fiscally tied to that child for life. Ever heard of garnishment? How fair is that- she can opt out- even if he wants the baby- but he can't. And yet the author is arguing that it is every man's agenda to make babies and deny access to birth control? Pshaw. When a man makes the decision to have sex with a woman, he is opening himself up to a lifetime of payments, even if he chooses to have no relationship with the child. Her whole premise is off. And wouldn't we all be healthier and better off if we just quit fucking around? Honestly.

The purpose of sex- biologically- is to create life. ONLY a woman can do this. ONLY a woman can do this. ONLY a woman can do this. How great is that? HUGE. We are co-creators with nature/God. How about celebrating women's fertility instead of treating it like this horrible fucking burden?
By embracing sterility as the only viable form of feminism we cut off a huge part of our lives. Why not just go get a hysterectomy and be done with it.

I'm not arguing that birth control isn't important to many many people, or that it should only be a woman's responsibility, I'm saying that:

Everyone who ever lived on earth is here today because of a woman.

Mother's day should be a feminist holy day.

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